Video Gaming Blog
Opinion and commentary focusing on the many console and PC games experienced over the years.
Minecraft World
An overview map of my Minecraft realm, Llama World.
Calmer Llama's YouTube Channel
My over-rated and highly under-utilised YouTube channel.
Unreal Tournament Statistics
We recently started playing original Unreal Tournament matches every now and again. Here are some embarrassing statistics that should probably never have been posted (given the bots are only skilled!)
Gaming Discussion Forum
This was initially developed to discuss SOE's sequel to Planetside, arguably one of the best (if not the only true) MMOFPS ever developed. Due to SOE's tardiness in getting this game live, I expanded the topics to include other games that we're currently playing.
Zombie Horde: An Urban Dead experience
Back in 2005, a bunch of us stumbled across Urban Dead, a Massively Multi-Player web-based game pitting human survivors against the unfortunate victims of the original contagion. A group of us at work formed a coalition of zombie characters, with daily lunchtime raids becoming a regular fixture. To ensure that the achivements of the "Zombie Horde" remain clearly stenciled into the pages of history, we collectively posted our adventures in this blog.
The Crypt (Version 2)
This is version 2 of "thé-crypt" web-site from 2004. More LAN statistics, PC game reviews from my time writing for Computer Games Strategy Plus magazine, and even a blog of sorts!
The Crypt (Version 1)
Here's a copy of the original "thé-crypt" web-site from 2003. Lacking any focus or direction, it gradually evolved into a dumping ground for LAN event statistics and the odd vbScript or two. The LAN statistics pages still function and showcase some rather sad performances by work colleagues and myself, back when reflexes were quicker and caffiene consumption was copious.
COMMAND Magazine Web Site
Back in the 1990's, I volunteered my services to develop and maintain the official web-site for XTR's COMMAND magazine; a bi-monthly publication devoted to Military History, Strategy and Analysis. Between 1989 and 2001, XTR published 54 issues of the magazine, each containing a complete and ready to play wargame. For those interested, I've re-posted the web-site for your edification and amusement. And for the record: you have no idea how embarrassed I am about those psychedelic HR elements!
Eclipse - The Periphery CRPG
One of the projects I was toying around with back in 2000 was the development of a fantasy CRPG for the PC platform. We had designers, 3D coders and graphic artists on hand to undertake this epic endeavour, and a considerable amount of enthusiasm. Alas, trying to get this vision realised while working a variety of fulltime jobs and dealing with the attendant issues of living our lives stymied our plans to create the game that would receive more accolades than Baldur's Gate 2. Recently I tracked down the web-site that we were going to use to keep interested gamers informed of our progress. I've posted it here, but be aware that its doubtful that this site will receive any updates! Note the obligatory use of lens flares in the title image (Photoshop has a lot to answer for) and the necessity of putting browser version buttons on the title page because nobody knew what standards were!
Strategic Studies Group Web Site
Back in 1999, I did some preliminary work on a web-site for Strategic Studies Group, an Australian computer game developer, that is still running strong today. It was never completed however the work that was done can be found here. While undeniably a visual monstrosity in presentation, it is a marked improvement on the original site that they were using at the time!